Reliable rural fiber internet service is here!

Firefly Fiber is a modern internet service provider specializing in fiber to the home connections in Bradford County PA.

A fiber optic connection is the fastest and most reliable internet option available anywhere.

We don't have any data caps so stream, game or browse as you please, don't worry about going over any type of data limit.

All your internet traffic is encrypted before it is sent through our fiber network.

Thanks to our locally owned and controlled  network, our technology has extremely low latency.


Are your internet packages really unlimited?

Yes, 100% they're unlimited! We don't believe in limiting how much you can use your connection.

Unlike with other internet providers, you can be assured that there are no data caps or extra charges regardless of how much you use the internet!

What is involved in a fiber internet installation

Our standard fiber to the home install involves a fiber optic cable installed from a pole near your location to a Network Interface Device (NID) installed on a small box on the side of your house. A managed Wi-Fi 6 router is included with the install for up to 1 Gig speeds throughout your home!

Does the monthly rate go up after a few months? ​Do I have to pay in advance?

Your monthly rate will never go up while your service remains current. Our service has no contracts so you pay for your service a month ahead. We also offer a discount if you pay 12 months in advance!